– About the writer

It doesn’t matter who you are there are always things about yourself that you are simply going to keep to yourself, such as height, weight, phone number and address. So the real question that begs is where to start and stop talking about oneself.

To start with the basics my name is John Kennedy and I guess I’m what some might call a bit of an academic.

Originally from the East coast of Australia, I now reside in Japan where I work mostly as a TESOL certified high school teacher and tertiary lecturer.


I have studied formally across multiple fields ranging from Information Technology, Science and Biotechnology through Anthropology, Archaeology and History and even on to Education and International Relations. I studied a Bachelor International Studies majoring International Relations and Anthropology, Bachelor Arts majoring History and Archaeology, and Graduate Studies in Education through the University of Southern Queensland. As part of these I was able to complete additional studies through the University of New England in areas such as Forensic Anthropology and even Japanese Language. Other subject areas have  included Information Technology (Queensland University of Technology), Science (AMTC Perth), and Biotechnology at Murdoch University where I also worked for the Department of Facilities Management. I have also tested the water with Coursera Courses in topics such as Archaeologies Dirty Little Secrets (Brown University), The art and architecture of ancient Nubia (Emory University), Greek and Roman Mythology (Penn University) and The changing global order (Universiteit Leiden).

 While I don’t actually like “study” – yer right I can almost hear people groaning – I do love to learn. And although I have specific interest fields, like anyone else, there isn’t a lot that is really “not interesting” in some way or another.

As to the page itself, when I first started blogging was not something  that had ever really occurred to me to do as a primary activity. It kind of came about as a means to do 2 things 1) save some of this material from deletion as a result of the numerous computer problems I was having at the time and 2) To share a little of what I had written over the last few years. 

I hope you enjoy.




University of Southern Queensland University of New England Murdoch University Queensland University of Technology




One thought on “– About the writer

  1. I am writing a book on the Ambon atrocities -might we be able to correspond re the film ‘Blood Oath’ ? Philip

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